Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Baby and Doll Sleep Sacks Tutorial

This is modeled after the Halo Sleep Sack.  To make it, I took a size small sleep sack, and placed it on a piece of fleece.  You could use any fabric, but I like fleece because I can use a nonwaterproof diaper on the inside and easily feel if it is wet and if it leaks, I don't need to change the whole sack.  I cut around my sack, adding 1/2" for seam allowance.  I could have also taken a wide fitting shirt and done the top from that, then continued downwards until about 4" longer than my baby.

I then cut the front piece in half lengthwise.  Then I took my longest separating zipper, at least 3/4 of the length of the sack, although longer is better to get more life out of the sack, and pinned it UPSIDE DOWN.  The reason for doing the zipper upside down is easy mid-sleep pottying or diaper changing.  I stitched it to each side.  Then I stitched the bottom, below the zipper.

Then I added a zipper protector, or piece of fabric behind the zipper so it doesn't touch baby's skin.  I cut one piece as wide as the zipper took up and as long.  Then I stitched it to the back.  I continued this stitching all around to topstitch the other side of the zipper (for aesthetics).

Then I put the front and back, fronts together, and stitched the tops and all around the sack.  I then went over it again in a faux serge (wide zig zag) to reinforce.

I could have hemmed the sleeve holes or neck hole, but didn't, since fleece doesn't ravel.

Then we, of course, needed to make one for the toddler's baby.  To make it, he chose fabric.  Then we laid the baby doll onto two pieces of it, and cut around, leaving a seam allowance.  I then cut arm and neck holes.  Then I stitched the tops and all around.

To make it look nicer (or if it would ever get washed, since it is flannel), I could hem the neck and arm holes, and do a zipper or snaps down the front.

"Why am I in this? It's not bedtime..."
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