Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BOB Revolution Stroller Review

We LOVE the BOB  Revolution. It pulls you along, is super sturdy, and the front rotating tire is easy to maneuver. It folds up easily, and is good for running or walking, and even trails.  

It also reclines (for walking only) with a clip in the back, so if the little one falls asleep, you can recline them.  

Also, the storage underneath is big-- we can pick up our whole weekly farm box via stroller.  You have to buy the handlebar console separately, but it is nice for a water bottle, keys, phone, and a snack.

Overall, this is a great purchase.  We have gotten so much use out of ours. It is nimble and big, and still fits our big guy (42 lbs and 4 years old) when he wants a ride (yes, we carry an Ergo down below so the displaced little guy can have a ride then, too).

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