Sunday, November 4, 2012

Matching vests failure

I had a lot of success with Kwik Sew 2911 when my older son was small (here) and also tried McCalls 3416 vest (here) and sized it down and found it ok, but more work to put together.  I made the Kwik Sew vest loads of times in sizes 1T through 4T, and most often made it as a vest but with the hood.

I thought it would be nice to make the boys matching vests for the fall, but Kwik Sew 2911 only goes through 4T and my older son is a large 5T.  So I could make one and extend it, or try another pattern.  I decided to make the McCalls pattern I already had, in the XS.  I made the smaller one in the Kiwk Sew 2T with the hood.  I used FOE (foldover elastic) as the binding on both.  I skipped the pockets on the Kwik Sew version, as per my usual, and included them in the McCalls vest.

I don't like how either vest turned out.

I don't like the smaller one because the hood sits funny.  The head opening looks small in proportion to the rest of the vest.  I should have pulled the FOE a bit, because the bottom and arm holes look wide and as if they flare.  I also struggled to match the FOE around the hood to the zipper, and I think you can tell where I shortened the zipper (and not in a good way).

I don't like the larger one because the pockets look sloppy.  The pattern has you hem them under, and I think pockets made with two pieces of fabric turned and stitched on look so much cleaner and have more square corners.  Now that I make them like that all the time, the hemming way looks sloppy to me.  The bottom also flares, but that is the cut of the pattern.  The hood looks fine (and is actually the Kwik Sew hood on the McCalls pattern), and the zipper and hood connection point look fine~ probably helped by the fact that I had the right length zipper.  I put it on my son and laughed out loud.  It was SO SO wide, I took it right off and didn't even snap a photo.  It was also too short.  So I gave it to a shorter and wider buddy of his at school.  Oh well.
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