Friday, November 9, 2012

Nepal Travel Tips (many years overdue)

learn a few useful phrases (like how to ask for boiled water)
clothing tips- cover your shoulders and knees (men, too)
clean hand/ dirty hand (use the left to touch stuff and right to eat)

wild dogs (avoid them- carry a rock)
don't drink the water (or ice)
peel it

avoid flies on the food

don't eat fresh raw veggies

bring a sarong
bring 2 black bandanas
how to bargain (cut price in half as your starting point)
avoiding theft (carry items on your body, under your clothing)
visit Boudha
check out the sunrise

buy medications there and bring them back (they are all legit)
ride an elephant
try some tourist stuff like kayaking

trek a little- and carry a light pack (the tea houses have everything you need)

try to go to a wedding or a festival of some sort

Have so much fun!!  I haven't been there for so long! But it is such a wonderful place.

(and sorry my scans are at weird angles)

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