Monday, November 26, 2012

Burly Bee Trailer Review

We have been biking along with the Burly Bee behind us for a while now, and I haven't done a review.  Yipes.

So-- overall-- I like it a lot-- it solved a problem for us for less than $300 (it gave me my bike back, essentially, after having a second child).  It has some drawbacks, but it also has a lot of strong points. I am so happy we found it, but it is getting heavy as my load is gaining weight, and it's getting a bit cramped for him back there.  Also, a new(er) issue is that both kids want the baby seat, and neither wants to sit all the way back there in the trailer where they can't talk to Mom.

  • Can ride your regular bike with two or three kids (one on baby seat and one or two in trailer)
  • Has a roll cage so the kid/s don't necessarily need to wear a helmet (please use your own judgement here and look into local laws)
  • Bug screen keeps debris away in nice weather, and rain screen keeps kid/s dry (although the mud from the bike tires flies onto the rain screen)
  • love how it folds and wheel attachment - it is quick to fold and fits easily into my (small) car's trunk
  • it is light (20 pounds empty)
  • seat belts for two kids back there and an elasticized pouch on one side (this is also a con- one kid doesn't have access)
  • huge "trunk" in back - behind seat- fits two full grocery bags (plus whatever the kid will share their space with, of course) - we have gotten a half flat of strawberries back there, plus other Farmer's Market goodies, easily
  • Easily swaps from bike to bike - each bike has a forged standard hitch on the rear tire and it clips on in seconds
  • Nice big windows so the kid can see out 
  • Wiggly kids don't affect steering or stability 
  • Bike can fall over and trailer will stay upright

  • not compatible with Burly's stroller kit (meaning you need a baby carrier once you get to your destination)
  • my flag fell off and we had to make a new one with bright orange duct tape (yes, they sell new ones)
  • not really room for two back there- it says max 100 pounds but my 42 pound child fills it up (and the 28 pounder does a pretty good job, too) - plus, if they were both way back there, all alone, who would mediate?
  • Kid can reach feet out the front and touch the rear tire with their shoes if they are so inclined
  • Hard to talk to kid all the way back there
  • Trailer tugs at bike and feels nearly as heavy to pull empty as full (and I say this with a 42 pound child)
  • Hard to stop on a dime and start up hill (or even up a slope) with a load - you need to downshift before stopping
  • They complain it gets hot back there on a hot day (no cross breeze)
  • Load from trunk can encroach into seat area and stab them in back if you aren't careful

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