Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cool Pants for Big Bro (Finally!)

I have been using this awesome free pants pattern for ages.  I was sad when my big guy sized out of it, and kept making them for a while, just lengthening the legs and making the waistband elastic a bit bigger.

I finally stopped doing that, but am at it again.  None of the other patterns I tried seemed to fit so nicely and be so easy to go up and down.

I thought to try the lengthening trick after the big buy ended up in his little brother's pants at the park one day after playing at the water table.  They fit fine everywhere but the legs (which were about 6" too short).  So I whipped these up, old skool style, just using that pattern in an XL and lengthening the legs.  They are so cute- I am so happy with them.  So happy, in fact, I have another pair cut and waiting to be stitched together...
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