Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recovering Kitchen Chair Cushions

Our old chair cushions were a bit too worn to be useful anymore.

So I traced them onto some new home decor weight canvas from Ikea I had and added a seam allowance.  Then I made some ties from an old pair of jeans cut into strips (I made 8 and folded each in half at each corner).  I stitched around the curved edge, then across the straight edge with the straps inside, and left a hole for turning (and stuffing) in the middle of the straight edge.  Then I hemmed the opening on each side, and intended to put snaps there.

Then I turned them and stuffed them (I cut the broken ties off the old cushions before stuffing).  I put them onto that chairs without adding the snaps, and think I could leave the snaps off for a while.  Let's see how the troops like them first.  

The initial response is favorable.  They didn't get removed during dinner!
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