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Fitting in Fitness - Lamorinda Area

It is generally well known and accepted that your level of fitness and activity generally improves your outlook on life and your level of interaction with your children and peers.  But the question remains: how to fit it in?

Next Barre - Lafayette, CA (free childcare in adjacent room)
You must first decide to exercise with your children or without.  Do you want to cart them along, or leave them with your partner, nanny/ babysitter/ childcare/ school?  Do you want to do something while they are at home with you, either awake or while napping?  How can you fit in a good workout while also taking care of your progeny?  Must you only do a workout that's "good enough" until they are school-aged and you can make it to the gym regularly and alone?

You also need to think about if you want a class or solo/ with a personal trainer, and if you want to be doing weights, cardio, or yoga.  What are your goals (i.e. general health, weight loss, flexibility, increased muscle tone and strength, improved mood and attitude, etc.), and what is the best way to achieve them?

Bikram Yoga - Walnut Creek, CA (childcare elsewhere)
There are plenty of options of how to fit in fitness, whatever your level, that you needn't feel weak or like your needs are met last.  You can:

Go to the Gym (or Pool, or Yoga Studio, or Wherever)

 You can drop the kids off at childcare at the gym (Forma Gym and Tot Drop don't make you stay on the premises, either), or leave them at home while you go and do the deed.

Forma Gym - Walnut Creek (childcare available for additional fee- also available as tot drop) - you could also use Tot Drop in Lafayette or Pleasant Hill and go do something else.
Then you can find a place that will help you meet your goals.  Local gyms with childcare include Forma Gym in Walnut Creek, 24 Hour Fitness in Moraga and Walnut Creek, Bloom Yoga in Walnut Creek, and NextBarre in Lafayette (ahem, for free).  Others without childcare include Bikram Yoga Walnut Creek, Lamorinda CrossFit, Heather Farms Pool, and Curves in Walnut Creek.

24 Hour Fitness - Moraga and Walnut Creek, CA (childcare available for additional fee)

Build It In 

Meaning~ build activity into your day.  Ride your bike.  Walk. Get wherever you are going withOUT your car.  Burn some calories.  Talk about the birds.  Talk to the birds.  Whatever.  Just move.

You are more likely to do it this way if that is how you usually do it.  Try it for a month and see how you do.  Chances are you and the kids will love it.  No need to move fast.  Just keep moving.

Bike with your kids in back - Anywhere
They make bikes now that are called Cargo Bikes and they can hold 1-3 kids (!) plus 6 grocery bags.  These are made by a number of companies including local ones Xtracycle and Yuba. Or you could haul a trailer like a Burley or Chariot with your kid on your regular bike- or load up a baby seat and get moving.
Biking with two kids and storage space - Cargo Biking - Anywhere

You could also grab your stroller and have a jog or walk to playgroup or the grocery store.  Or load the baby into your Ergo and go meet a friend for coffee.  Burn off that whipped cream on the way there.

Bring Your Kid and Just Do It 

There are classes targeted just for our demographic that include the kid.  Some use the kid as your weight, and in some, you put your kid in the stroller and they come along as you sweat and meet other moms.  You could also be self-directed and run the Lafayette Reservoir or the path or wherever.

Nursery Rhymin' and Stealin' Calories- Maui, HI - baby as weight for a fitness class
Stroller Strides/ Baby Boot Camp - Walnut Creek, CA - Boot Camp-style class with baby in stroller

Jog with your kid in a jogging stroller - Anywhere
Do It At Home

You could also work out at home, in your living room.  Beachbody and Windsor Pilates (and many other vendors) sell DVDs you can follow along with, if you need some support.  There are also many websites that offer routines, like The Daily HIIT (formerly BodyRock.tv), or you could read a book and make up a routine.  Put the baby in a doorway bouncer and let him exercise right along with you.  Give your preschooler some 2 pound weight and they can join along.  Find something you think is fun and don't even change your clothes to go sweat.
The Daily HIIT - in your living room in 12 minutes per day (kids next to you or in other room)

There are so many awesome ways to break a sweat that include the kids and that don't include them, and working out is well-known to improve your mind and body and spirit tremendously.  You know how the saying goes- when mama's happy, everyone's happy.  Find something and make it work.

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