Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Bike Ride (Xtracycle Edgerunner Empty Performance)

As we were loading up for the Farmer's Market, our older son said he wanted to ride with Daddy.  So we hitched up the trailer.

Then the little guy said he wanted to do what his big brother was doing.

Well, I guess it is rated to 100 pounds....

So I rode the Xtracycle Edgerunner empty for the first time.

I was surprised at how wobbly it felt.

I mean, I am usually riding with at least 30 pounds (child #2), and usually 75 pounds (both children) plus whatever our "necessities" are.

I was also a bit (gasp!) bored.  There wasn't anyone to talk to, and there was no challenge (it was flat and I was behind daddy hauling the kids).  Funny perspective change.

But the point of the post is that I think the Edgerunner performs best loaded around 30-50 pounds.  I took just the toddler on a long ride the other day, and it was nice.  There were even a few hills.  With both kids, I am also happy with the performance, though it feels loaded when we ride.  Both kids PLUS stuff and I have to psych myself up at starts and really go through the gears as we ride, but I have been able to climb short but steep hills, and long upward slopes as well.

I am really enjoying the bike overall.

Oh, and on the way back from the farmer's market, I got both kids plus a lot of the goods, and did a poor job balancing them side to side (the little guy started the ride home with Daddy then switched to my bike part of the way home), so we were plenty challenged and Daddy said he could have gone faster. Hmph.
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