Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recipe: Low Carb Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms and Jalapenos

These low carb recipes are (mostly) from the Fat Fast Cookbook.

One is for stuffed mushrooms and they are delicious!  All you need to do is take the stems out of a pound of mushrooms and stuff them with Boursin cheese.  For the stems, I salted them and put a tablespoon of olive oil on them and roasted them with the other items.

The jalapenos got seeded and stuffed with Boursin, then each got a piece of bacon wrapped around and attached with a toothpick.

This whole tray was roasted at 375 for half an hour.

The jalapenos had a huge kick~ such a big one, in fact, that if I make them again, I will take the mushrooms off and cook them for an additional 10-20 minutes to try and mellow them out a bit.

Good recipes overall.
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