Sunday, July 21, 2013

World Map Quilt

This is my first "big" quilt.  Okay, it's not so big, but it is a quilt.  A machine-pieced quilt, but a quilt nonetheless.

It also wasn't my idea or design, and I cheated a bit on the binding.

My preschooler is almost 5 now, and he followed me around with the map fabric for about a week asking me to make a blanket before this project began.  Once I bought in, we (er, he) chose the back fabrics and we were up and running.

From that point, all I had to do was cut the back and middle fabrics to size.  One of the cut off pieces happened to be just right to cover a scissors design on the middle, between the panels (this is two panels).  I ironed it under on two sides, then sewed it down using a bit wider straight stitch.

This is the back.  I attached the two fabrics at the middle.

The quilting follows the lines on the map fabric going in one direction.

To cheater-bind it, I had some overlap from my cutting the back "to fit."  I folded this over and sewed it on.  There was no overlap on one side.  On this side, I took some excess scraps of the matching fabric, folded them under, and sewed them on.

The boys love it!
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