Monday, October 14, 2013

Ladybug Costumes for Halloween

We are going to be ladybugs for Halloween.  All four of us.  The kids are wearing red shirts and red pants with black spots, and we are all wearing red and black wings, and antennas.  The kids will carry ladybug bags.

These are the ladybug bags.  They are sewn from a piece of fabric folded in half, and hemmed at the top.  The handle is FOE (foldover elastic).

Here are the ladybug pants.  They are pants I made from 4-way stretch fabric (aka swimsuit fabric).  The spots are cut from old t-shirts.

The homemade wings are made from wire hangers on the inside.  They are twisted together by the handle.

Then red felt was cut to size.  Black felt circles were pinned onto it.
Then I stitched it onto the hangers.

For the straps, it is red FOE strapped around twice and fitted like a backpack.

Here it is on the fit model.

I will post more photos after Halloween.
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