Friday, October 25, 2013

Xtracycle 2 kid seat rearranging again

This is our latest iteration of how to seat the kids on the Xtracycle (they are now 5 and 2, and weigh about 47 and 37 pounds).

The wooden seat we made is still in the front position, but it is now where the younger child sits (it was the older child's seat before).  We decided to switch their positions so that the older child would feel the bumps more, and the younger child would have a smoother ride.

We added the hooptie back on.

The older child will use a seat belt strap still, and the padding we made for the milk crate seat is now in the rear position.  The holes in it are what we are looping the seat belt through.

To carry their stuff, we put the kids' purse we made onto the piece of plumbing we already had on the back of the wooden seat.  We also moved the little plastic tray that had been on the side of the front seat onto the front of the hooptie and attached it with zip ties.  It was no longer on the side of the front wooden seat because the hooptie sides were in that spot.

The advantages of this arrangement are that the younger child will be more comfortable over bumps and won't tug on his brother's helmet from behind.  Possible disadvantages are that the younger child's legs are too short to reach into the bags and he can inadvertently (or so I'd like to think) kick me while we are riding.  The balance of the bike will take a little getting used to, since the heaviest weight will now be in the far back (and as we all know, weight is easiest to carry when it is closer to center and lower). It may not be that big of a difference, though, since I won't be carrying the weight of the Yepp seat around any more, and the weight of the empty seat is not insignificant.
Child Seating on our Xtracycle Edgerunner, a Brief History

For your review, this is what our first arrangement looked like (modified milk crate in back for younger child, older child in front using milk crate as back rest; hoopie all around):

Then it looked like this (milk crate in front for older child, Yepp seat in back for younger child; no hooptie):

Then it looked like this (wooden seat in front for older child, Yepp seat in back for younger child; no hooptie):

And now we are here (wooden seat in front for younger child- with addition of old dining room seat cushion- which we added a few weeks ago for the older child in that seat, padding from milk crate seat in back for older child; hoopie all around):

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