Monday, April 27, 2015

DIY Kids' Work Bench - Woodworking

We needed a workbench for the kids that was at their height and sturdy and actually made for working.  Check out this article on the power of the woodworking bench for little kids.

We actually put this bench together a few years ago out of some scraps of pressure treated wood on top and on the sides but then last summer added the cross supports on the bottom (front and back) and painted it.  The cross supports make the legs much more sturdy.

The kids use this bench for hammering nails into and drilling screws in and out of. They spend countless hours hammering in and pulling out, and drilling in and drilling out.

 The bench usually also has a clamp-on vice at one end so the kids can make things with other pieces of wood.  That cooler, surprisingly, gets a lot of action by the kids so it has stayed there as well.

Here is a good large DIY workbench tutorial from Ana White you can make smaller if you'd like something more specific.  Her stuff is great.

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