Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Magical Kids' Garden with a Yellow Brick Road

We have been so happy with this area of the front garden.  The yellow brick road we made leads to a little playhouse where the neighborhood kids (and mine) spend a lot of time playing.  The grown-ups have a bench right there.  The floor is wood chips, and I have eaten many a delicious wood chip pizza and drank many a wood chip coffee.

We have talked about our front yard transformation before, but I wanted you to see it a few years later.  This area was grass when we moved in, with some big non-fruiting mulberries, and red lava rocks.  The first thing we did was to get rid of the trees and lava rocks, and sheet mulch the area. We got the wood chips from a local tree service and spread them ourselves. 

To make the yellow brick road, we painted one side of bricks in yellow, then varnished them.  Then we laid them in.  The play house was easy to put together, and I have since water sealed it.  We leave a set of kids' pots and pans out there, and they cook with wood chips and rocks.  The mail box is our old mail box cut down in height and dug in.  

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