Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Helping Induce Sleep in Kids with an Epsom Salt & Lavender Bath (Shhhh....)

Just doing the dishes, Mom...

One of the many uses of Epsom Salt is to relax the body and increase magnesium, which helps induce sleep.  Another sleep-inducer is lavender essential oil, and a few drops in the bath does the trick.

But how to get the kids to take a salt bath to help them sleep?

We have found that NOT TELLING THEM WHY seems to do the trick.  They constantly love to bring toys into the bath, and playing with salt in the bath is as good a toy as any.  I often will give them a measuring cup filled with epsom salt and let them practice dissolving it and playing with it for the duration of their bath.

As for the lavender oil, we just drop it in (or let them do it).

Maybe this helps them fall asleep earlier... It's such a challenge to adjust to the days getting longer and falling asleep when it's light out!

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