Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Heartbreaker Pants as Shorts (again)

This time around, I made three pairs of Little Heartbreaker Pants from Sewing for Boys as Shorts.

Previously, I made one pair here and four pairs here.  

As you may recall, the last time I made them I had an issue with the back bunching up and causing the hem to not be straight all the way around.  I was able to catch that before stitching the middle seam this time, and adjust accordingly.  To fix it, I had to match up the shorts and cut out the excess fabric BEFORE sewing the middle leg seams.  I changed the angle and it worked out great.

Another adjustment I made this time was to skip the adjustable elastic inside the back casing.  My older son complains that the snap rubs into him and doesn't like wearing them.  So I did everything the same, except stitched a piece of elastic at both ends of the casing instead if snapping one at the same location.

Now we are ready for summer!

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