Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Review: Farm City

What a great book!  It is always fun to run into a nonfiction book that:

  1. reads like fiction
  2. is set in a place where you have spent a lot of time
  3. is about a topic that you have a lot of interest in
  4. keeps you on the edge of your seat
  5. teaches you something
Farm City by Novella Carpenter did all of these!  From start to finish, I didn't want to put the book down.  I loved all of the specifics in the book, and felt like I learned something about Urban Farming, which is my new favorite subject (sorry, sewing for babies and toddlers and the slow food movement).  

She breaks the book into sections based on her animal husbandry habits, and writes in a funny but forthright manner that keeps the reader wanting more.  She is modest but detailed.  My husband and I both laughed out loud when she described dumpster diving for fish guts for her new piglets in Oakland's Chinatown district.

I strongly recommend this book, even if you aren't interested in the subject manner.  It is lively and fun, and totally worth the time to read it.

She has a blog, too...
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