Monday, September 20, 2010

One Snuggie: 6 Projects and Counting

I was given a Leopard Snuggie and thought the fabric was way too cool to let it sit around on the couch.  I mean, this thing was huge!  I kept thinking of all the possibilities every time I looked at it.

My first project was a dress.  This is the Little Comet Tails Spin-Around Dress in a 2T.  I love Little Comet Tails' patterns.  They are really easy-to use and very straightforward.  This was my first go at this dress, and it was easy except for the top.  I got confused about how to stitch it so that it would turn as one piece with the arm holes intact.  I ended up pinning them under and not turning and topstitching them (just topstitching them closed).  The accent material and lining for his was an old sheet.   I haven't tried to make the dress again yet. 
My next project was a vest.  This was the Kwik Sew 2911 vest that I have made a zillion of and I love.  I modify it to remove the pockets and use FOE (fold over elastic) on the armholes and bottom instead of lycra as they specify.  Since this vest, I have stopped making them with collars and almost always add a hood, which is in the pattern.  This vest got a lot of attention, according to the mom I gave it to.

The next two projects were split-crotch pants and a t-shirt applique.
I just re-discovered the Snuggie to make the inside of a newborn Little Comet Tails Little Starter Cloth Diaper all-in-one for a friend.  I used red PUL on the outside, sherpa scraps on the inside (as the soaker), and the Snuggie on the inside.  The Snuggie will wick moisture away and allow the newborn poop to just roll off.  I used Lastin on the inside and my snap press for the snaps.

I just finished yet another Snuggie project: another pair of split-crotch pants in a larger size.  I made these out of the arms so they were already hemmed for me.

That Snuggie was a gift that keeps on giving! And I still have more of it left!!

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  1. These are awesome! I love the dress! I have the pattern, but haven't made it yet. Yoou have inspired me top make it for my daughter! So much to do, but not enough time to do it!



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