Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pattern Review: heidiandfinn Urban Unisex Hoodie, modified

When it is 95 degrees outside, every kid needs a new fleece jacket lined with stretch cotton.

Well, maybe they don't, so I made it a size bigger than he is.  He agreed to try it on because it has buttons and a hood.  Buttons are really fun right now.  After he modeled it, I added another layer to the bottom (see later picture).

This is heidiandfinn's Unisex Urban Hoodie from their Etsy shop.  I modified it to make it into a jacket instead of a hoodie.

I like that the pattern is sized from 6 months to 5 years old.  The pdf is really easy to use and their directions are clear, except in one spot.  When putting the liner and main body pieces together, it took me a few minutes to realize the hood had to be tucked inside before stitching.

I ended up modifying it because the directions have you making a fully lined jacket, then stitching it up except for a few inches at the top, where you put buttons.  With this one, I didn't want only the hood of my cute lining fabric showing up!  So I didn't stitch it together, and added more buttons.

I also modified it to use the lining material for the bottom trim and for the sleeve trim.  The pattern calls for you to use the outer material.  I didn't have enough of it, and originally cut the trim out using another fleece.  I attached it and ripped it almost immediately.  Having a third color here looked awful (with my color choices).  I was going to hem the sleeves, which is another option of theirs.  But I wanted the length, and to be able to see more of the lining material (which I love- it is Michael Miller TA Lime Dot, if you are curious.  And the fleece is from the remnant bin at JoAnn's.  The buttons are from my button stash, and I used white Sulky thread.).

In the photos of him wearing it, I had to roll up the sleeves (it is a size too large-- which means the pattern is true to size, which is good to know).  The length is just right and a tad on the short size.  As a result, I added the bottom trim in the lining material.  I am quite happy with it, although I am debating if I need to add a button on the trim.

I wonder if I will get annoyed that the hood is loose instead of tight once it is cold and he is wearing it.  It is fashionable as is, but maybe won't keep his head as warm??? We shall see.

This picture is from the heidiandfinn blog.  It is what the hoodie is meant to look like.

I am happy with this, overall.  I will make it again.  I would also buy another pattern from heidiandfinn.

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