Monday, September 20, 2010

A new crop of split-crotch pants (aka pajama bottoms)

We have been daytime EC Grads since the little guy was 10 months old. That means that he was out in underwear everywhere we went starting at that time. We starting doing EC with him when his circumcision scar healed.

We have been working on nighttime since he was 3 months old. That was when he stopped pooping at night and started pooping on cue almost 100% during the day. Many babies and toddlers don't go potty at all during the night, but our little guy almost always goes pee one to three times. He is now 25 months old and we "catch" most of these pees, but some still go onto his sleeping mat (aka piddle pad or waterproof pad) and we trade it out for a dry one in the middle of the night.

To make nighttime pottying easier, his pajamas are fleece or wool split-crotch pants. The split-crotch makes it easier for us to take him to the bathroom, since he is often asleep at the time and we don't wake him by pulling up and down his pants (since there is no up and down with an open crotch). The fleece or wool makes it easier in case of a miss, since they don't absorb the pee. This means he doesn't feel wet and we don't need to change his pants in the middle of the night.

He has just grown out of a size, so here are the new ones I just made.

The top ones are made of new fleece. The two with patterns are from the remnant bin at JoAnn's, and the green one is Malden Mills windproof fleece from a co-op (but I think Wazoodle sells it). I am curious if the windproof fleece makes a difference as far as wicking goes. Many moms swear by it for their diaper covers, and I am wondering if it will be better than regular fleece in this application as well.

The middle one is a repurposed Snuggie. The bottom black one is the arms of an old fleece jacket. The green one is a repurposed sweater vest from Goodwill I had bought to make a diaper cover out of and never needed. It is wool and acrylic, an didn't felt down like I had hoped it would. I am excited to have used the armholes, which are nicely hemmed, as the crotch lining.
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