Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice in the Water Table - A California Winter

It has been below freezing at night here in Northern California.

In the photo above, my older son is wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a button up short sleeved shirt, a fleece jacket, a down vest, fleece mittens, fleece balakava, sweatpants, and boots.  The little one is in a sweater and pants, boots, and a fleece balakava and mittens.

We had to go out to explore the thick ice on the water table.

We had emptied it at the end of summer, but the rain filled it up again last month and we let it sit.  Then it has been freezing and melting for a few weeks, and on this day we went to check it out.

The ice was firmly attached to the sides of the table.  And the entire unit was too heavy for us to lift.

On previous mornings, we have been able to knock it off the sides and see the thickness, and munch on the ice.

Below you can see the frost on the grass.

And the frost on the roof is visible below.  Yipes!

Don't worry, though.  Later that day we went out again and it was warmer; warm enough for us to dislodge the ice from the ice table.  It was over an inch thick.

After dislodging it, we happily ate it and hauled it around the yard on the ice hauler before sinking it into a hot bath to watch it float and melt (not pictured).
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