Sunday, January 6, 2013

Walnut Creek on Ice

After Ice Skating on our winter holiday, the bigger guy wanted to do some at home.  We found Walnut Creek on Ice and took him.

We have now been twice. Twice the parking has been easy, staff professional, ice nicely groomed, and he has enjoyed skating.

It was PACKED the first time, and I was the only grown-up with both kids.  So he went out on his own and we rented a "walker" to help him navigate the ice (a PVC pipe that slides along for him to hold on to).  I had expected to be able to circle the ice outside as he skated along, and we were all disappointed when I (with the baby in the Ergo) couldn't make it all the way around~ you can only walk around for about 2/3 of the rink.

The next time we went, we were better prepared and took Daddy.  We expected Daddy to be able to skate with baby in Ergo, and were disappointed when he was told not to, so baby and I again walked around the edge (though I did get to skate a bit first, and baby- ok toddler- begged to skate and we got him laced up and he made it about 5 feet before declaring he was done and needed to be held).

Older son is still getting his sea legs, but a good time was had by all, and he was fine without the walker with Daddy close by.

Unfortunately, this rink is seasonal (1 month only), so we will have to find another local ice rink. Stay tuned!
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