Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Family Cargo Biking Gear

I keep mentioning our new Edgerunner by Xtracycle (with homemade child seat).  Well, it's been about freezing at night and it gets sunny and up to around 50 during the day.  We were out the other day with gloves and puffy down vests over fleece jackets and fleece pants on the kids, and the older one said his face was cold.

So we made neckwarmers and child sized balakavas. We traced each child's profile onto a piece of paper for a pattern, then cut it onto the fabric and stitched it up.  The fleece is double around their neck.

 After the maiden voyage, both decided it was too hot so we put them into the bags on top of the groceries after shopping.

One flew out!
 It was sad.  Our first wind casualty.  I need to do better packing and tucking.

Then we traced daddy's when he got home and made another in about 10 minutes (it had taken all morning to make the others).
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