Sunday, January 27, 2013

Imaginary Play: Blocks into the Zoo

While putting his younger brother down for his nap the other day, I told my preschooler to go build a zoo with blocks.  I came out and he had started, then we worked on it together.

My job was to organize the big blocks and to be the Home Depot Supply Center, and he came to my store and paid a dollar per block for his materials.  He made a few returns, and I made him his change.  We worked on making change and counting, and recalling the zoo attributes, and what animals need to have in their enclosure.

As you can see, the little blocks are the watering hole.  The big blocks are one big enclosure with a covered area and a zookeeper on one side.  This is for nighttime, to keep the animals locked up and safe overnight.  There is a feeding area for the animals, and boulders for them to sit on during the day.

On one side is the place where the people who come to the zoo can view the animals.  There is a ramp for people with strollers to go in, and stairs otherwise.  This viewing area has a tower you can climb up (or hop up) so you can have a better view.

The animals are also in the enclosure.  They are made of pipe cleaners, and there is a giraffe, horse, seahorse, zebra, walrus, and two lions.

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