Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kids' Book Review: The Velvet Kitten

  When my friend told me she was writing a kids' book, I was excited for her.  I am even more excited now that it is out and I have a copy.

The Velvet Kitten by Shar D'Mello Bhatia is a sweet story of a little dog who wanders off at the beach, only to be found standing guard over a tiny abandoned baby kitten.  The story goes on to them bringing the kitten to the vet and a foster mother, then having the cat as part of the family-- with the cat and the dog as best buddies, of course.

There are a lot of words in this book.  I sat down to read it to my 4.5 and 2-year old and started paraphrasing because it is so wordy.  My little son loved the photos, and the starfish drawings on the pages.  My older son begged me to read it again, this time with all the words.  I obliged, and he sat and listened to every word, even the ones describing the day at the beach and the personality of the kitten in great detail- dare I even say hyperbole.  After reading it, I asked what he thought, and he said he liked it, and would I read it again.

The author, local mom Shar D'Mello Bhatia, lives in Walnut Creek.  She is from Bombay, India, and teaches early parenting workshops.  She is donating the proceeds from the book to an animal shelter in Clayton. Pin It

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