Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rendering your own Pastured Lard

I had been sitting on a pound of back fat and a pound of caul fat in the freezer.  I got them from our meat club CSA (Marin Sun Farms) intending to render lard.

So I put them into the slow cooker on High, and added just enough water to cover the bottom and prevent burning until the liquid came out.

As soon as they went below the level of the top, I lowered it to Low.

A while later, it started bubbling like crazy, and smelling a little funky.

A lot later (a day and a half from when we started), it calmed down and I declared it done.  I took out the crusty bits and put the liquid into jars.

 As it cooled off, the liquid solidified into a cream-colored lard.  We tasted the crunchy bits, and spit them out. They dissolve on the tongue, and not in a nice way.  We gave them to the chickens.  My guess is that they are an "acquired taste" I may have skipped.  And I don't say that about many foods.

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