Monday, May 20, 2013

Watermelon Cake (GF SF - ha) - and Birthday Party Activity Idea

On our eternal quest to make a birthday cake that won't give the kids diabetes (here and here and here and here and the banana with a candle in it I didn't blog about), I have stumbled upon the watermelon cake.  I saw a photo of it on Facebook, and we decided to make a few sample cakes before the little guy's second birthday next month.

The base of the cake - we made two. 
We did it as a "make your own" challenge- as if every kid at the party would have their own base and a pile of fruit and toothpicks and decorate as they desire.
This is what my older son came up with as his cake. 
Here is my cake.
Yum! He was so proud of his work.
And they were as fun to eat as they were to make!  What kid doesn't love eating off a toothpick?
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