Friday, September 13, 2013

Better Baby Supplement Recommendations List

I've been reading The Bulletproof Executive and he has a lot of interesting life hacks/ ideas for making our bodies run better.  His wife, an MD, recently wrote a book called The Better Baby Book.  It's quite good (although it links to her website constantly).  I had trouble, though, finding a list of her supplement recommendations.  So I went through her book and here is my summary.  Please remember that this is a list only- meaning all of her reasons are in the book and some are on her website.  None of that info is here~ these are just my notes.  Also (duh but it bears repeating) these aren't my ideas- I just wanted a place to keep the info I collected.

Per Day: 6-11 Veg, 5-9 fats, 4-6 animal protein, 1-2 fruit (75% of veggies raw) - specific about which of each to eat - see book or website for details/ charts

Daily Shake:
D-ribose – for energy
Collagen – 2-4T scoops 
Lecitihin – 2T granular soy lecithin 
Green Powder
Liposomal Glutathione (fat encapsulated)- 1 teaspoon/ day or NAC (less good)
2 raw egg yolks
2 T MCT oil, 1 T coconut oil

Other (Daily):
Sea Salt- ½ teaspoon in large glass of water right when you wake up
Oil pulling- +/- 10 minutes in morning, then floss [not her idea]
Probiotics – on empty stomach

Advanced Essential Minerals
Folic acid—800mg/day at least.
Vitamin E- 400 Q 800 IU
Vitamin K
Vitamin C - 1-8G
D3 2000-8000IU/ day, depending on sun exposure (1000 per 25 lb body weight)
Fish Oil (up to 10G)/ Krill Oil (500 mg)
COQ10 or ubiquinol if over 30

Other (non-daily):
Iodine (1 drop every 4-5 days)- temporary – if you get a runny nose just after, back off and take less for a bit

Activated Charcoal – 1-3 teaspoons mixed w/cool water 1-3 x/day on empty stomach (and 1t with any not recommended foods)- can mix with:
Bentonite Clay (may need to up fiber or magnesium to avoid constipation)- 1 T/ day (less if taken with activated charcoal to avoid constipation)
Chlorella – 20-30 tablets for 1-2 mo then just with seafood or when exposed to heavy metals
Silymarin (Milk thistle)

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