Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY Lego Car Wash

This was not my idea.  We were at a friend's and she made one of these out of big Legos. It was pretty amazing.  Hers was simple, too- just an archway with a cut and taped piece of paper over the opening for the cars/ trucks to wash themselves on as they went through.

Our interpretation is bit more complicated.  It has soapers and extra wheels (in case the cars need them), plus the cut paper "washers" at the entrance and exit, as well as other features.  The preschooler helped design and build it.  The toddler helped drive the cars through.

Below you can see the town in process: the reservoir hut/ house in front of the reservoir with fish.  The bike car wash looks like it has collapsed (the shutters on their side).  Next up? I think a gas pump.
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