Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Kids' Purse

This little purse was really easy to make and is reversible.  It's also a nice size for the little ones to use.

To make one, first cut 4 pieces of fabric rounded on 3 corners and about the size of half a piece of printer paper.  If this makes you anxious, you could draw a template first. Make sure they are all the same size and shape.

Next, stitch 2 of each color together on the rounded sides, right sides together.

Then make the straps- mine were about 16-18" long.  Remember that an inch gets hidden when you are deciding on the length.  To make them, cut your fabric 2" wide. Fold it in half and stitch it together however you'd like (turn and pull a tube or iron a seam and stitch it on the right side, or serge it so the seam is visible- your choice).

Tuck the 2 sides of the bag together, right sides together.  Then tuck a strap into each side and make sure it's not twisted and pin it on each side, leaving about 1/2" to go into the seam.

Stitch around the top of the bag, reversing a few extra times over where the straps are attached and leaving a 3" hole for turning.

Pull the bag inside out so the straps are out and one side of the bag is inside the other.  You may iron the top seam flat if you wish.

Topstitch around the opening, closing the turning hole as you pass. Use a wider stitch for this (I like 3.5).

Attach your label and a closure of some sort (I use Kam snaps).

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