Monday, September 2, 2013

Kids Catching Chickens

My kids have decided to spend more time with the chickens.  For the last few days, they have been in the chicken yard following the hens around and in the coop taking pictures and trying to pet the ladies.

Here is is with our friend's pullet in arms.

After successfully catching a pullet (teenager) at a friend's house the other day, with some chicken-catching coaching first, my older son tried again a few times today.  And he got one!

Just like he was coached to do, my son moved slowly, tried to corner one, then she sat down, he petted her, then he told her he was going to and then reached down and picked her up.

He was so proud of himself and happy to have her.
She even let him hold her long enough for me to run inside to get the camera. 
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