Monday, September 30, 2013

We Skype from our Living Room TV

The kids love being the Jetsons.  They haven't know any other way.  Isn't that odd?

We used to use Vid and now we switched to Skype (Vid is no longer).  And we do it from our living room TV using a Logitech camera. It is awesome because:

1. We don't have to sit in my little office
2. It is a wide screen (gets the whole room) but still zooms in and out if you want
3. It sends great video
4. It is always "on" to receive calls (my husband was recently traveling and called at odd hours from China and we heard the TV ringing) -- this is a huge complaint of mine for video calling- nobody is there to call!

And no, they didn't sponsor this post. I just like the camera. It just sits on your tv and has its own remote when you want to use it. Easy.

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