Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pineapple Pants Part 3

My younger son has a pair of pants made from pineapple swimsuit fabric that I made for his brother ages ago.  They were well-loved when he got them, and he wears them and asks for them whenever they are clean.  They are getting a wee bit small.

I got the fabric from on clearance ages ago and made a few pairs of pants, a few trainers, a bathing suit, and some underwear using the material.  I tried to find the fabric again and came up empty handed.  I recently made him some shorts from scraps of it, and they only fit for a brief time.

Last week we found another scrap of it and finally thought of how to make him new pineapple pants.

Yes, they are white pants with the pineapples cut from his favorite fabric and stitched on top. I made the waistband a bit wide so it would last a little longer as he gets bigger.

I hope he likes them!  I mean, really likes them.  
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