Tuesday, June 11, 2013

almost 5-yr old's Irrigation of a Raised Pot

My preschooler has been very involved in our irrigation upgrades.  We have a drip system, and many thick feeder lines around the yard.  He has figured out how to add thin soaker lines off of it, add emitters, add sprinklers, and other various tasks.  He also loves to carry the irrigation tool box around, and is trying to get our neighbors to let him do their irrigation.  He also keeps it stocked and helps me choose supplies.

This hanging pot was his project.  Both he and his little brother love white petunias.  He planted them and a thyme plant in this hanging pot from the shed (after hammering drip holes into it~ it was in the shed because Ikea hadn't done that in the first place, actually).  Then he decided to hang it on the flag holder we don't use.  He put a thin feeder line up, then added an emitter at the end, and pinned it into place with a U-Hook (all atop a step ladder).  Then we tested it to make sure the water would flow up, then he found a cable tie in the garage and pegged it into place to keep the line steady.

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