Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lightweight Pants With Training Insert

I love the new trend towards covering up babies with clothing rather than sunscreen. The problem is that the clothing needs to be light enough to keep the baby from getting too hot.
These pants are my solution.
They are made of lightweight cotton.

In the middle of the pant, I added a soaker (made of 4 layers of flannel and lined with PUL, but you could use Zorb instead of 3 layers of the flannel). The soaker is loose, and sewn in at the waistband in the front and the back of the pants. This is so you don't see the seams.

You could modify this idea by putting snaps on the soaker and making a number of them to snap in and out of the pants.

I got the idea from the wool-in-two pattern here, and used it as the soaker shape. I used this pants pattern: I decided to sew it in instead of snapping in and out because the pants are so thin that they invariably get wet with a pee miss, and I like to use a lot of the items I am making (funny reason, I guess, but true).
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