Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Car Seat Blanket (for under child) - from Running with Scissors' Blog

I had thought this car seat blanket was a fabulous idea because the blankets we bring into the car are constantly being dropped.
But as soon as I tried it in the car with the little guy, he made a horrendous face and wanted OUT.

So perhaps it is better suited to little babies, like she shows in the tutorial.
Speaking of the tutorial, I found it easy to follow and use.  The only part that was unclear was in the original cutting instructions, when she specifies the length but not the width of the fabric.  It is also really big, so there is a lot of fabric to negotiate around the cutting table and sewing machine.

You can see I used FOE (fold over elastic) instead of binding.  I used flannel on the outside and white microfleece on the inside.  For a baby, a nice improvement may be to make it into a car swaddle blanket by attaching velcro on the parts that fold over, or snaps, or by tucking one end into the other.
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