Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Tight Waistband on Underwear - Problem Solved!

Real conversation with almost 3 year old son:
Me: Why don't you want to wear underwear?  You told me you like the colors.
Him: Too tight.
Me: In the legs, or the waist?
Him: The waist, Mommy. I like the ones you make.

Then it occurred to me that he is used to wearing pants that are loose and soft around the waist, and maybe the Old Navy underwear waistband was too constricting.
So it was back to the sewing table for us.  I recently got lazy/ interested in bags and new baby sewing and decided not to make my growing child an entire stash of 4T underwear to replace the 2T that were now too small.  I bought some Old Navy underwear and they weren't cutting it.

So he and I sat down, and ripped the waistband off a pair of his new underwear.  I replaced it with a piece of lycra, sewn on like his pant waistbands are done (like in this pants tutorial).

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