Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY BabyLegs from Ladies' Socks

Baby legs/ baby leg warmers/ huggalugs are awesome.  Not only are they good for babies' legs as leg warmers that don't need to be removed for pottying/ diaper changes, but we have been using them as arm warmers on our toddler's arms.  It is cool in the mornings but heats up, so they are great for using with a t-shirt in the morning, then he can take them off "all by self" when he gets hot.  Brilliant!

BUT- at $10 each, they are a bit pricey.  We did well with four pairs, but as toddler "baby arms" they actually get a little more dirty than they did as "baby legs."  Go figure.

This was also quite possibly the quickest conversion I have done.  I followed this tutorial and each pair took five minutes, including getting the camera to take a photo.  I used socks I had been given as a gift and never wore, so I didn't even have to make it to the store.  So easy!  I may have to add this to my infant gift bundle repertoire.

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