Monday, May 9, 2011

Maternity Bathing Suit Bottom/ Bikram Shorts - Waistband Remodeling

So this is a pair of Athleta boy shorts' bathing suit bottom. I have had them for while, and they never quite fit right-- the waistband was too tight and the rise too long. Making them into maternity bottoms is the perfect fix.

To do this, I cut off the tight top piece of elastic (about 3/4" elastic). Then I chose a piece of lycra and measured it to fit the waistband without a stretch (knowing the shorts fit tightly enough to stay up on their own!). I cut this piece 5" wide.

Then I folded the additional piece in half, and matched raw edges with the material facing down and right sides together. I used a stretch stitch to attach it, then faux-serged the edges with a wide zig-zag off the edge. Then I folded it up and stitched two lines of straight stitching on the new material side to help it match the original shorts (they were done with all double-stitching).

Viola! I can wear these to swim... or for Bikram Maternity Shorts!

p.s. After trying these at Yoga, I am so excited about them.  It is so nice to have shorts that fit and don't need to be adjusted after every asana.  Maybe there is logic behind maternity clothes...
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