Sunday, May 29, 2011

Made a wet bag without a pattern or tutorial

I had this orange PUL wet bag from when our son was little. I was looking through our things, and realized that I probably will need a bigger one this time, since we won't have the first month or two in disposables, and that the littlest ones go through a LOT of diapers quickly.

So I modeled my new purple wet bag on the orange one.

To make it, I found a long zipper in my collection (my collection came from Vogue Fabrics online). I measured the zipper length against a piece of PUL, and folded it over and eyeballed how big I wanted my bag. I added an inch on each side of the zipper for the seams.

To stitch the bag, I attached the zipper on both sides, making a loop of PUL. I topstitched from the front (after attaching it from the back). I attached my label. Then I opened the zipper part-way to use as a turning hole, and lined up the sides. I pinned both sides an inch down from the top (so I could leave the zipper on the front instead of the top of the bag). I stitched down both sides.

It is a bit bigger of a bag than expected, but I have no doubts it will come in handy, but maybe only for longer journeys.
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