Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Get Toddler to Wear a Sun Hat

We Loved this Hat

...and have high hopes for this one...

The blue hat pictured here was a consignment store find, Old Navy brand, size 2T, which was purchased when the little guy was around 6 months old.  Its best feature is the velcro pocket in the front, which we put almonds in.  Hence the hat's name, "The Almond Hattie."  It was also semi-lightweight, so he never complained about wearing it.  Why would he, when his snack of choice was always close at hand?

Sadly, he is now almost 3 and the reality is that the hat is too small.  I tried to re-create it and failed.  So I went to Old Navy on the Internet and bought a similar hat.  He refused to wear it because it was too heavy.  I returned it.  Then we went to Target and looked in the kids' section and there was nothing without a crazy design on it.  The infant section had some nice hats, but they were all one size and that size was too small.  The ladies' department had a cute cowboy hat that was a bit big for him and fit me perfectly, so now I was up one hat and he was up zero.  It also had some adjustable plain visors, so I got him a black one (I wear one that is a fixed size and too big for him, so at least now he can have his own).  He will wear the visor if I sneak it on him, but it is a tad too big so falls into his face sometimes.

We hit pay dirt in the men's department at Target, though.  The hat pictured here (sans pocket) came is two sizes, so the smaller one just fits.  It had an adjustable strap the little guy made me take off, and a neck strap he also made me remove.  He made me add an almond pocket with a snap instead of velcro.  It works a little less well than I had imagined and hoped it would.  The pocket is a little wide to keep the almonds in all the time, and the snap is set pretty tightly and is a bit hard for him to do without help.  BUT he keeps it on for periods of time, which is an improvement.  Plus, it is adult sized so if he gets used to it, we won't have to get him another hat. Ever.

The moral of the story was here somewhere... ah, yes.  The almond pocket.  That is the way we get our child to wear a sun hat.  Now we just need to perfect the hat itself...
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