Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pregnancy and Babywearing

Wearing your baby or toddler during pregnancy is possible.  There are some modifications that are recommended to keep the pressure off of the growing uterus.
30 weeks pregnant using an Ergo
Using a soft structured carrier like the Ergo, Scootababy, Boba, and the like is possible using the back and hip carries.  With these, the waistband needs to be below the uterus.  I found these to be most comfortable (especially the Ergo on the back), although my stamina for carrying my toddler is much less than it used to be, since he and I are both growing.

30 weeks pregnant using a homemade Mei Tai
Using a Mei Tai is another alternative, especially if the baby is low in the belly.  A modification of the traditional rucksack carry is to tie the waistband and shoulder straps above the abdomen instead of below.  This shifts most of the weight to the shoulders, which gets a bit heavy for me (and my 35-lb child), but may be more comfortable with a lighter child.
17 weeks pregnant using a Scootababy

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