Monday, February 20, 2012

5 More Sewing Tips

  1. Always use sharp scissors.  Don't use them for anything except fabric.
  2. When you run across a term you don't understand, look it up.  There are so many YouTube videos and blogs out there that are an amazing resource.
  3. Buy a book or two with patterns that look interesting to you.
  4. Fake it with the fabric for a while.  Use old t-shirts and any other old clothing you want to get rid of as a free source of fabric.  You can be fancy and call this "upcycling."
  5. Use "chain stitching" when sewing more than one thing of the same type.  This means that you insert the next piece to sew without taking the previous one out.  After they are all done, you snip them apart.  This saves thread and time.
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