Monday, February 13, 2012

Pattern Review: The Frou Frou Bag

The Frou Frou Bag was fun to make and just challenging enough that I learned something new without getting too frustrated to quit.

I actually learned two things: 1. how to make an adjustable strap; and 2. how to make ruffles.  While learning how to make ruffles, I learned how to make binding.  I have read about it, but not actually ever made it on the bias properly (not that bad, actually... a bit time consuming, but easy enough).

The directions were clear- although in one place, she said to repeat the steps for the large flap for the small flaps, and I put the snap on the wrong side of the flap (long instead of curved side) because I was doing it from memory instead of scrolling back up.

The tutorial is loaded with photos, too, which makes it easy to follow.

I stopped following as closely when we got to the interior because she only has two pockets on each side.  So I added a zipper on the inside using this tutorial ~ I loathe a bag without an interior zipper pocket for my wallet.  I also added a key fob inside.

She also has you leave a hole in the lining for turning and I didn't put it together this way.  I don't like bags with exposed seams on the inside.  I knew that closing that hole would make an exposed seam.  Instead, I put the interior inside the exterior and pinned them and topstitched around the whole bag, letting the topstitching close the bag.

All in all, this is a good bag.  It was fun to make, has an adjustable strap and plenty of pockets, and it is cute. Pin It

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