Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tips for Two: The Baby Doll

When the real baby was very small, the baby doll for the toddler was invaluable.  Friends told us about the baby doll when I was pregnant, and I scoffed, not knowing its real power until we got one as a gift.

For this I am so grateful.

For a few months, everything we did had to be done to the baby doll as well.  It added a lot of time (the toddler needed help to help his baby), but it was time well spent.  With parallel projects, we were at least involved in the same activities.

The power of imitation is amazing.

Notice Daddy in the real Moby in the background and toddler with his baby in his Moby.

The real baby is asleep, swaddled, in a diaper, on a mat.  The  baby doll also needed to be in a few diapers and on a mat to go to sleep.

We needed the baby doll's Moby again- you can see the real baby in Mommy's Moby.

A baby doll's gotta' eat, you know.  His nursing pillow is an airplane pillow with a cover.
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