Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tutorial: Pant Hem Scraps into Baby Hat

These were cut from a pair of stretchy black "yoga" pants when hemming them.  To size the height of my hat, I stuck these on my baby.  One was too short, so I needed both to make a hat.  I figured it would be warmer that way, too.

I layered them on his head, then estimated how much to overlap by pulling the ends together atop his head.  I put the cut edges together, leaving the hemmed sides up and down.

Then I stitched them together using a zig-zag and making sure to catch the edge in the zig-zag.  This overlap will keep it from rolling. 

Next, I turned it inside out and did the same zig-zag from the inside.  I did this to hide the other end and make sure it wouldn't get wrinkled on his head.

These two lines of zig-zag make a really nice design across the hat.

The last step was to hand stitch along the top, with double thickness of thread, spacing them about an inch apart.  Pull this tight.  This creates the top of the hat.  Then knot it a few times, making sure you like how the gathers look on top of the head.

Here it is on my desk.  You can see the design the zig-zag makes along the outside. 

Here it is on a water bottle.  I have been having the baby wear it with the label in front.  It is a nice weight, and cute.
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