Friday, February 17, 2012

Tips for Two: The Nursing Station

Having a dedicated nursing station makes as big of a difference with #2 as it does with #1.  By nursing station, I mean a place where you usually go to sit to nurse the baby.  You and baby both know that sitting there means milk.  You have whatever you find useful waiting there: your water, phone (ha), book (ha again), lanolin, nursing pads, little cloths for spit-up, a potty if you EC (diapers if you don't), a nursing pillow or other pillows if you use them, a blanket for baby, baby nail clippers, etc. It's your station! It will change as Baby grows, but you get the point.
Having an older child around just means you need extra stuff at your station.  First, you need it to be big enough for the older child/ren to sit and cuddle if they want to.  You need entertainment for them when there, especially at the beginning when you will be spending a LOT of time there.  Some moms swear by having a basket of dedicated toys that are only used there.  We do best when the older child chooses his activity and brings it in.  Sometimes it is enough for him to be in earshot, and other times he wants me to read to him while I nurse (TIP: teach him to turn the pages himself asap).  

As my baby has gotten older, he is actually having trouble nursing when big bro is around.  I am thankful this has coincided with nursing less frequently; regardless, we have gotten better at activities that my older son can do within earshot so the little guy can have his milk and then see Mr. Interesting later.
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