Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pattern Review: Bobby's Bathers from Sewing for Boys Book

I don't know why these are marked as a beginner project, but they are a nice project. I would have labeled them as intermediate for the two buttonholes and the tabs.  The rest is easy.

As you can see, I skipped the tabs and buttonholes because I couldn't really tell where we were headed with it.  The directions would have been more clear had the tab and pocket construction been separated, or if there was a photo of the completed tabs.  By the end, I realized that there was meant to be a decorative lace going through the two buttonholes, and the tabs were part of this.

I also skipped the velcro since the pocket is very small and I couldn't see any need to keep it shut.  You can also see my pocket migrated slightly to the back of the shorts instead of being on the side.

The directions would have also been more clear if the elastic length were noted.  I found the width but not the length, so I cut mine to 21" (size 4/5T), and overlapped it by an inch.  They fit nicely.

I made these out of an old Oakland Marathon shirt.  You can see that I cut them out of the front and back to re-use the bottom hem as the bottom hem of the shorts (one of my favorite upcycling tricks).  The pattern on the shirt caught my needle a bit, so it tugged a little on the waistband.  I am hoping the breathable fabric will keep my son nice and cool in these.

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