Friday, May 11, 2012

Pattern Review: Mimi's Boy, Suspender Shorts from Sewing for Boys Book

 These were really fun to make.  They are "Mimi's Boy, Suspender Shorts" from the book called Sewing for Boys.  They look a bit like lederhosen, but would also be cute without the suspenders.  A fake fly would also be cute on them.

  What made them fun was the detail: the toptitching, the turn and stitch on the seam allowances, using facings for the waistband, the pockets, and making the buttonhole elastic.

Making the suspenders was ok, and I don't love how they look and how they turned out.  They look like they are attached a bit wide. and the tab looks high on his back.

Altogether, though, I love the fit.  This is the first project in the book I can say that about.  They are a 4/5 and so is my son and they look great.

I used snaps instead of buttons and also did contrasting fabric for the facings.

Love this project.  I will definitely try it again.

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  1. They look great, Nikki. I hope you'll stop over at and link them up for a chance to win our monthly sew along prize.



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